Nico Brina
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2017: Nico Brina live in Mumbai, India

In August 2917, nico played two enthralling shows with Indian drummer Adrian D'souza. The crowed loved it!

 2017: 3000 shows & 1'000'000 km "on the road"

Since 1984 Nico has been playing over 3000 shows in more than 16 countries. He drove more than 1'000'000 km by car - flights are excluded!

2015: Big success in Singapore

Appearance on "The 5-Shows-Singapore" TV show - after that he played an open-air-show for more than 5000 spectators in the botanic garden 

2014: CD "Flight 6024" nominated for the "German Schallplattenkritik"

CD "Flight 6024" (with Tobias Schramm on drums and Pete Borel on guitar) was nominated for "Blues Album Of The Year"

2014: Anniversary "30 years on stage"

The record "That's My Way" contains a mix of studio- and live-recordings - it is a must-have for every boogie- and bluespiano-lover

2006: Swiss foreign office chooses Brina to bet he musical ambassador in Santo Domingo

Big live-shows in "Teatro National" in Santo Domingo

2004: Invitaion to the Olympic games in Athen

Together with tap-dancer Lukas Weiss, Nico was invited by the German Olympic committee to play a few shows in Athens

1996: Guinness Book Of Records

In 1996, Nico broke the record for having played the world's fastest Boogie Woogie - the left hand played 608 beats per minute on the 1/8 Boogie Woogie-Feeling