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Review 2016 - Two CDs and 100 show - life is boogieful

It was a an other fantastic year with 100 shows and I produced two albums! First, the "the b'day session" was a real live recording session to my birthday-party on September 29, 2015 with my friends (saxophone player "Bruno Kyburz", with the guitar players "Pete Borel & Marc Gerber", on the trumpet "Michael Brand", on drums are my good old friends "Charlie Weibel & Tobias Schramm", on the washboard "Beat Galli" and on the piano "Alain Boog"). The second album "25/8 - 25 Hours 8 Days A week" is a Studio album (drums: Tobias Schramm / guitar: Pete Borel / double-bass: Pät / sax: Frithjof Gänger / vocals: Corinne Wenger).

NEW CD "25/8 - 25 Hours 8 Days A Week"

- This album was the "Album of the month" on November 2016 in Germany

- The "Swiss Jazz Radio" are playing the love-song "beautiful Love Bouquet" regularly

- In Norway some songs are in the iTunes-Blues-Charts top 100

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Love And Rock'n'Roll - from the new CD "25/8"

- Duet with Corinne Wenger, just a duet? Oh no! This love-story is reality!

- Love And Rock'n'Roll, what else?!?

- On drums: Charlie Weibel

25/8 - this is my worst clip to this day, but I love it

From the CD "25/8 - 25 Hours 8 Days A Week"

"I'm gonna give you all I've got, 25 hours 8 days a week - I'm gonna love you around the clock, 25 hours 8 days a week"


 I love to Rock the Boogie Woogie

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