Nico Brina
The Rockin' Blues and Boogieman from Switzerland



Exclusive musical video greeting

If you need a musical video greeting or a 60-minutes video production - everything is possible! You can choose the lenght of your video.

Delivery: short video clips (1 to 4 mins) can be delivered via WhatsApp/Messenger, longer clips can be delivered on an USB-stick or via Swisstransfer.

Also, I can compose a special song with one of your texts or poems.

If you wish, I can produce your video with one (or nore) of the following "special guests":

Corinne Wenger (vocal), Sonja & Franky (boogie dancers), Alain Boogie or/and Chris Conz (Boogie pianists), Pete Borel, Lucky Wüthrich or/and Marc Gerber (guitar), Bruno Kyburz, Frithjof Gänger or/and Rolf Häsler (sax), Gianni Berger or/and Tom Küffer (bluesharp), Michael Brand, Andy Beer or/and Sandro Häsler (trumpet), Lukas Weiss (tap dancing & juggling), Dominik Liechti (cajon), Thomas Aeschbacher or Daniel Thürler (Schwyzerörgeli), Tobias Schramm, Charlie Weibel or/and Steve Grant (drums) and many more are available.

Contact me: