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New CD - BoogieFul

"BoogieFul" is his 13. album, but it is his first ever solo record. One piano, two hands, one foot for the rhythm, and further his distinctive voice in five songs. 14 originals, every tune in one go, so that the whole record sounds homogeneous. Brina is at his best, reflecting his own life. Songs like "Don't mess around with a piano man", That's My Way" or "Cooee Corinne" tell his personal, intimate stories. All songs were recorded live and uncut, some of them even captured the first take. Brina-Shop


- #5 United Kingdom

- #
1 Norway

- #
 10 Germany

3000 shows & 1'000'000 km on the road

This year the mark of 3000 shows and 1'000'000 km on the road was crossed

While Brina is about to finish work on his latest record, the current album "25/8 - 25 Hors 8 Days A Week" is still experiencing unprecedented success. The album was nominated as "Album Of The Month" in German Blues magazine "Blues in Germany" and it is still in the iTunes-charts in Norway

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